Motwani Jadeja Foundation

Motwani Jadeja Foundation (MJF) is a non-profit organization that strives to develop a network of entrepreneurs in South Asia trained to think and drive exponential change.

Our Approach is Centered Around Bringing Right People Together to Challenge Established Thinking and Drive Transformation.

Motwani Jadeja Foundation is a non profit, distributed, global venture fund (US 501c3), designed to transform entrepreneurial individuals into creative change makers. Their start-ups are a reflection of this ethos. 

Motwani Jadeja Foundation aims to support and empower entrepreneurs to enable exponential change! It is industry-agnostic and particularly cares about impact investing in education, the maker movement and women’s rights, primarily in South Asia. Based out of the Bay Area, NYC, and India, the foundation has a strong global footprint across various tech sectors and academia. Its background and network have deep roots throughout Google and Stanford, from where it develops opportunities that help bridge gaps and contribute to solving global social problems.

Our Focus



Globally distributed fellowship venture army will identify other brilliant entrepreneurs and problem solvers from South Asia



Our MakerFest and MITLI events celebrate entrepreneurs and provide avenues for them to collaborate and innovate



Our army of distributed fellows will create a circle of giving by investing in initiatives that solve pressing global issues

Our Programs 

Over the years, several initiatives have been developed under Motwani Jadeja Foundation


A dynamic Silicon Valley think tank and advocacy platform designed to impact technology innovation and government policies in US-India.

Rajeev Circle Fellowship

A mentorship program designed to empower young entrepreneurs from South Asia and link them closely to Silicon Valley. The fellowship has supported over 120 fellows over the last six years. 

Makers Fest

An initiative that brings together a group of like-minded people  to showcase makers, thinkers and doers to share their projects and find collaborators. Thus far, the event has been actualised in the Indian cities of  Cochin, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. 

MJF Art Residency

An interdisciplinary art residency programme that operates and functions at the intersection of arts, science, technology and society with a particular focus in South Asia.

The School in the Cloud

A self-organised learning environment which can exist anywhere there is a computer Internet connection. The project led to the construction of SOLE’s smallest and most cost-effective purpose-built research lab to date in a  rural Montessori middle school, Dasghara in West Bengal.

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